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Artificial Intelligence + Human Insight - The optimal fraud prevention solution - Download eBook

Section 1: AI + Human Insight

HandshakeWhich is better at fraud prevention – machines or humans? The short answer is “Neither.” It’s the two working together, side by side, that generate the best results. Remember, merchants don’t win by simply stopping fraud. They win by approving the maximum number of orders...while safely and cost-effectively mitigating fraud. Find out how the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence + Human Insight makes this happen.

Download this eBook to learn what AI does best and what humans do best. And how you can easily tap the strengths of both to deliver the optimal fraud prevention solution.

Maximize Results

Profile Web“Humans have limited capacity (speed and memory) for examining orders and finding patterns. The more data you have and the faster it pours in, the harder it becomes for humans to find patterns… it’s like trying to find needles in a gigantic, expanding haystack.

Kount Artificial Intelligence has unlimited capacity for pattern finding. It finds all the needles for you, allowing your human agents to focus their efforts on evaluating only those orders that are worthy of their time.”

– Tim Barber, Founder and Chief Scientist, Kount

Boost Sales. Beat Fraud.

Boost Sales. Beat Fraud. GraphAI for fraud may seem new. But for nearly a decade, Kount has used the deep learning capabilities of AI to collect and process vast amounts of data, while providing easy-to-use tools so people can apply their unique human capabilities to guide machines to the optimum business result. Kount gives online businesses the confidence to sell more things to more people in more places than ever before.

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